16 November 2017

The latest rumor of a new Mirrorless Camera the M50 has thrown a bit of a curveball. Some people are dreaming that this may be the elusive Full Frame Mirrorless whilst others are thinking it may be another higher end Mirrorless, perhaps with a viewfinder. I think neither will turn out to be the case. We will probably have to wait until January 2018 to find out. However, this is what I want and think may be the case.

The Canon EOS M10 may not have been the darling of the photo press but this year as prices dropped it became one of the top sellers, not only in Asia but across the West as well...


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The latest rumor of a new Mirrorless Camera the M50 has thrown a bit of a curveball. Some people are…

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Market Reports

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Company Results

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13 November 2017
Overall company Revenue rises +22.1% year-on-year Overall company Operating Income rises +346.4%…

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