iphone 7 plus camera

The iPhone 7 has been announced to the usual mix of comments, some hot some cold. To the traditional camera industry, this will be looked at very closely. The iPhone is as Apple state, 'the most popular camera in the world', already. The new iPhone 7 is about to take smartphone photography to a new level that will inevitably put further strain on the traditional Japanese Camera Industry, not only the low-cost cameras but also sales of the more advanced enthusiast's cameras.

Why does the new iPhone matter? We have already seen the decimation of the low-cost camera market, mainly due to shrinkage as people use smart devices but also production issues caused by the recent Japanese Earthquake. Year-on-year the production of fixed lens compact cameras is down by -46.1% to July 2016. Further uptake of smartphone photography instead of dedicated camera use will see this category of camera almost extinct in a few years time. Only the older generations of non-smartphone users are keeping this alive.