nikon d3200 back

An article in the UK Amateur Photographer caught my attention in the last few weeks. The article entitled, DSLR price wars make dent in CSC sales (update), quotes Futuresource market analyst Arun Gill. In the report about the UK market for cameras he says

We believe that a more rapid uptake of CSCs is likely to be inhibited by a positive perception and preference towards the DSLR format and the key brands in this segment, respectively, particularly among entry-level users

This is clearly aimed at Canon and Nikon and their unwillingness to launch CSC's that will will compete with their Professional level DSLR's. My question is, Why should they? If lack of Pro level CSC's give the perception that they are inferior, maybe they are. Perhaps it's just that photographers in general don't share the current photo press infatuation with Mirroless CSC's.

In terms of why CSC's are being pushed by the press and some retailers it could be that the main manufacturers are spending lots of money advertising and giving retails better margins on their kit. Whatever, the main DSLR manufacturers have the simple answer of reducing prices aggressively to maintain market share.

So who is winning. As of week 47 in 2015, CSC's have fallen 9% whilst DSLR sales have only fallen 2.5%. DSLR sales have been 3.5 to every 1 CSC sale. This in an overall falling market. The main questions then are when will the market bottom out or turn back up? and until that happens who is making any money on cameras to keep the who thing sustainable?

The other thing to note is that one main reason given for slowing CSC sales is fewer aggressive promotions during 2015 compared to 2014. The ironic thing is the best selling CSC of 2014 was in fact the Canon EOS-M being sold at £199. So Canon have done their bit for CSC's. Maybe we should just listen to the customer and accept people really do prefer their DSLR.