Akureyri – ‘Capital of North Iceland’

Akureyri is our next port of call. Situated at the end of a long fjord, Eyjafjordur, north of Iceland. A good place to explore the north and central part of the island. By the time we awake we are already in port. It’s a typical overcast start to the day but from the ship we have a good vantage point to see across the town and indeed right around Pollurinn (The Pool) bay to the airport and across the Eyjafjordur where we will be heading on todays exploratory tours.

Given our choice to take a long coach tour there won’t be much time to explore Akureyri town. However, the view from the top of the ship does give a great panoramic of the surrounding area. It never ceases to amaze just how far these cruise ships sit above the water, giving an opportunity to see the places you are visiting in a unique way not afforded to these who tavel by land.

Akureyri - waterfront buildings

So today we have chosen a coach trip that will take us to the Goðafoss Waterfall and then to experience the thermal Mývatn, Jardbödin Nature Baths. A later 11:30 start allows for a lazy breakfast that, given the selection at the breakfast buffet, was one of my favourite meals. Breakfast can be had in the buffets, restaurants or you can have room service or simply pick a plate and take it wherever you like. No pressure.

The coaches await our departure and very conveniently located near by.

Akureyri - cruise tour buses wait to depart

Across the Eyjafjörður we could see the entrance to the Vaðlaheiði Tunnel. This 4.7 mile tunnel is now part of the Route 1 Iceland circular that bypasses the Vikurskard Mountain Pass. Details of the trip will be in the next post.

Akureyri - across the Eyjafjordur to the Vadlaheidi Tunnel

With the brief look that I had of Akureyri town it appears a well organised, clean and well laid out town keeping a sense of simple, classic design that is very appealing. To be honest many other cities around the world could learn from.

Other activities from the town include Whale Watching trips, Hrisey Island trip and other bird watching trips. The Akureyri Church, Akureyrarkirkja, is of a type familiar in Iceland. The best example being the Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik.

Akureyri - City Centre - Church & Port
Akureyri - Elding Holmasol - Whale Watching Tour

So onward with the coach trip to Goðafoss.

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