Fujifilm X-A10 Mirrorless CSC - Classic Retro Style with Selfie in Mind

Fujifilm has announced the new X-series Mirrorless CSC digital camera, the X-A10. This is a small lightweight camera with clean lines and a classic retro design style. The camera has no viewfinder but does sport a 180-degree slide and tilt LCD screen that moves up when tilted to give 100% visibility for selfies.

Image Sensor

The X-A10 combines a ‘newly developed’ 16.3 megapixel APS-C sensor with native ISO of 200-6400 extendable to 25600. ‘Astonishingly Low Noise’ is claimed with clear images and accurate colour reproduction.

Film Simulation

The X-A10 offers six Film Simulation modes. They are true-to-life colors of PROVIA (standard), the vibrant tones and saturated colors of Velvia (vivid), theoft tones of ASTIA (soft), the documentary-style tones of CLASSIC CHROME, as well as Monochrome and Sepia.


One of the more interesting features of the X-A10 is a combination of both mechanical shutter and electronic shutter. The latter gives shutter speeds up to 1/32000th of a second. High speed shutter allows for wide apertures in bright light without an ND filter.


Full HD recording at 30p/25p and 24p are available with ‘film simulation’ modes as per the still operation. 5-axis image stabilisation allows for smooth hand-held video recording.


A standard mode dial is situated on the top plate along with a horizontal control dial, customisable function button and combined shutter release/on-off switch. On the back the full-tilt screen has the standard directional buttons along with 4 individual buttons and a vertical control dial that doubles as a shutter release. On the left side a simple slide button to pop-up the built-in flash.

Automated Shooting

In keeping with its credentials as a selfie camera, the X-A10 has ‘smile detection’ release and ‘buddy mode’ that takes the photo when two people come close. Also, group mode that takes the photo when a specific number of people come into the frame.


On the right side is mini HDMI and USB connections. Added to hardwired connection is Wi-fi that allows remote control of the basic camera functions as well as transfer of images to smartphones, computers and printers.

Battery Life

As cameras rely on more and more electronics they often suffer short battery life. Battery life is approx. 410 shots per charge. Just don’t spend too long admiring your handiwork.

First Thoughts

The new Fujifilm X-A10 is a desirable object that is aimed a the young, trendy, media conscious person. The lack of a viewfinder will not be as big a problem for young eyes as it is to those who require close range spectacles.

Style that allows for a splash of color to counterpoint the classic retro look will appeal to the discerning photographer. At a starting price of $499/£499 it is a little above current entry level cameras of it type.

Competition from the Canon M3/M10, Sony A5000/6000 is strong and likely to limit the Fujifilm camera to a niche product. Still, I think that is their target and it will probably work for a company who are becoming less and less reliant on the camera business.

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