Nikon D5 with 4K Video gets Panned

Nikon announced the new flagship DSLR the D5 at CES 2016. Impressive new 20.8M pixel full frame sensor. A 153 point auto-focus array giving greater coverage than ever before. Continuous shooting at 12 frames per second with full auto-focus and exposure. High resolution touch screen operation. So whats not to love?

Well, according to Andrew Reid at EOSHD the 4K is far from leading edge. So what, if anything, went wrong with Nikon's latest offering? read the article for full details but basically it boils down to this.

Still shooters and videographers are two different beasts. From my perspective of current buyers of still cameras, video is pretty much an irrelevance. As for 4K it holds little interest after that. So why should Nikon put so much effort into adding features that will cost a lot of time, development effort and additional buy price. Marketer love the 4K tag, still photographers will look for more important figures.

Briefly, the argument against the D5 is:

  • it does not use the full size of the sensor so you lose the advantage of the large FX sensor
  • it only has 8-bit compressed decoding, not 10-bit RAW
  • it has an inadequate HDMI output that doesn't add anything to the available quality

Perhaps the biggest failure of all is it's not even as good as the 4 year old Canon 1Dc. That is indeed a serious failure.