Canon EOS M50 Mirrorless has everyone guessing

The latest rumor of a new Mirrorless Camera the M50 has thrown a bit of a curveball. Some people are dreaming that this may be the elusive Full Frame Mirrorless whilst others are thinking it may be another higher end Mirrorless, perhaps with a viewfinder. I think neither will turn out to be the case. We will probably have to wait until January 2018 to find out. However, this is what I want and think may be the case.

The Canon EOS M10 may not have been the darling of the photo press but this year as prices dropped it became one of the top sellers, not only in Asia but across the West as well. This highlights that the mass market is in the sub $500 dollar territory. Currently, in the UK the M10 single lens kit is selling for £299 ($394), although admittedly it is $499 on Amazon US. This camera has been replaced by the EOS M100 in many stores at the price of £569 in the UK and $599 in the US. Of course, these prices fluctuate across regions but the point is the M100 is too expensive for the mass market. Hence if I were Canon I would try to bring out a lower priced unit to clean up the budding entry level, those who want something more than a smartphone or point-and-shoot camera. So I think the M50 will be that camera.

The question is how will they undercut the M100? Currently, then M3 is available at the incredible value of £419 in the UK. This camera has now been superseded by the EOS M6 and so expected to be in end-of-life. Could the M50 take on the M3 technology with the 24M pixel non-dual-pixel Digic 6 processor? that would make some sense if it could be produced at a lower cost. If they could sell for £399 and $499 that would take a big chunk of the Mirrorless market.

More to come...

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