Canon rumored to be announcing EOS M5 in September

It has been a very busy time for Canon this year with the launch of two new professional DSLRs, the EOS 1Dx Mk ii and the EOS 5D Mk iv. Yet if the rumors are right they have still had time and resources to produce a new EOS M5 to replace the previous M3 Mirrorless camera. The Chinese word for 4 is too close to the similar word for death. The M5 is due to be announced on the 15th September 2016.

So what do we want to see in the new M5. The current M3 already has 24M pixels so that is right up there with the competition but the new 24M pixel Dual Pixel sensor from the 80D would make a big difference when it comes to focusing. Speed and accuracy of auto-focus have always been cited as a deficiency in the EOS Mx series of cameras so to go to Dual Pixel would surely improve this as it has gained a reputation as the best for video/liveview modes. Dual Pixel is now used in all Canons top cameras both still and pro-video so this would be my number one wish for the new M5.

Next on my wish list would be a built-in electronic viewfinder, like the one found on the Powershot G5x (see the mockup above). This is probably the most requested addition that buyers ask for as seeing the rear LCD screen in bright sunlight, however good the screen is, causes frustration in users. Frustrated customers often choose differently when it comes to replacing their camera, so you have to get it right first time.

The other major complaint with the EOS M3 was its lackluster styling. True, it handles very well as most Canon cameras do but it just doesn't have a great desirability factor. Will Canon add some retro styling like the competition? It may but I can't see them going the whole Olympus Pen-F route. I think that it will be more of Powershot G9x style. This is something Canon needs to take a little more seriously if they want to attract the high-spending buyers.

The EOS M5 will inherit a growing range of M-series lens as well as a new EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM kit lens that should entice buyers. You also get the option of using the M to EF adapter to allow the fitting of any other of Canons considerable range of lenses.

This new camera will not come cheap but its competition is not cheap either. If the camera delivers it will be a force to content with. We shall have to wait and see.

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