Canon rumors - Canon Powershot Gx1 MKiii -imminent

Rumors of an update to the compact Canon Powershot G1x MKii have surfaced with the new G1x MKiii camera going through Bluetooth Wireless Certification. This is quite surprising as I really expected to see this camera fade into history like the other G series before it. So what is know and what is expected to be released shortly.

The only clue is that it will have Bluetooth connectivity. That would be a very minor update so I hope for more. The original G1x MKii was a very useful camera with limited pixels it made a great low-light camera of its size. Then when the 1-inch sensor of the G7x and subsequent G3x, G9x, and G5x came through it seemed clear that this smaller 1-inch sensor with its back-lit technology was going to make the 1.5-inch sensor redundant.

Whilst this may have been true, the problems of last years earthquake causing the shortage of 1-inch sensors and not being able to produce enough cameras may well have reminded Canon that the best decision they ever made was to make their own sensors.

However, it is difficult to see where this fits into a market that is shrinking anyway. I don't find this camera is very appealing to customers, although I do like it myself and had some great results with it. So what have Canon done to justify releasing a new version?

The minimum of adding Bluetooth connectivity and a Digit 7 processor would seem obvious. The latter would certainly help with image quality and especially auto-focus. These would certainly be welcome but I don't see these as reasons for customers to return to this larger format. So what would I like to see?

  • Inbuilt EVF without making the camera bigger
  • Longer zoom without making the camera bigger
  • 4K video

Of these 3 things, the first 2 will be difficult and probably not happen. The 4K makes more sense in that the lower pixel count would suit video and low-light, as say the Sony A7s. The larger sensor and body, for a compact, would help with heat dissipation that is problematic in small cameras doing 4K video.

Will any of these happen, No?

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