Canon rumors - Canon Powershot SX70 HS to get 100X zoom lens - perhaps

Rumors of a new Canon PowerShot SX70 HS Bridge camera have been running for some time. These have been based on the current SX60 HS been out zoomed by the new Nikon P900 with its 83X zoom and Canon patents appearing to show a new 100X zoom lens is being developed.

Recently, the SX60 HS has been in very short supply in my ‘neck of the woods’ and that has led to customers expecting a new camera to be announced soon. That along with competition from Panasonic under-cutting on price with bridge cameras sporting wide aperture lenses.

So it is expected Canon will fight back very soon with a camera to compete. But do they go up market with a higher powered zoom or target a lower price for the mass consumer?

The Nikon P900 has been relatively successful of late, even though it is a ‘huge monster’ of a camera in an era where customers are supposedly wanting more compact models. Still that hasn’t put people off buying it due to its massive 83X zoom lens. If Canon could provide a similar zoom in a much smaller package then that would get some attention.

Recent patents show lenses that could have up to a 100X zoom but starting at different focal lengths and different apertures to produce such a long zoom. These are 3-300mm f1.8-9, 3.5-350mm f3.3-7.1 and 3.8-380mm f2.3-7. The first option was for a smaller sensor of 1/3.2” where the other two are for the more standard 1/2.3” sensors. The second option was to include expensive fluorite elements. So it would look more likely that the third option would be the final solution if one appears at all.

Although 100X seems a longer zoom, the idea is the lens starts wider, at 20mm, and reaches the same effective focal length of 2000mm as the Nikon P900. The first option with a smaller sensor would reach further, up to 2400mm, if adopted.

Allied to the new Digic 7 processor that has appeared in the G7x mkii and EOS M5 this could be a very popular camera, as were the SX60 and its predecessors. The new high speed processor would enable faster auto-focus and perhaps more frames-per-second. A high-end viewfinder may be too much to ask for.

Expect an announcement in spring 2017, ready for the summer ‘birding’ season. The only thing I hope is that whatever lens it has, customers take it for what it is a super-zoom camera and not as a replacement for a high quality DSLR.

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