Camera Market Share Japan by Type from 2013 to 2015

Camera Shipments to Japan by Type in 2013

The Compact camera held court in Japan during 2013 driving the seasonal swings and taking the largest part of the money. DSLR's and Mirrorless both showed steady growth with Mirrorless having a strong end to the year. Overall DSLR's had the bigger market than Mirrorless in total value.

digital camera total value shipped to japan 2013

Compact and DSLR's vie for top spot in the overall money stakes, all making some gains throughout the year. Mirrorless ends the year in good shape.

Camera Shipments to Japan by Type in 2014

digital camera units shipped to japan 2014

The largest falls in sales took place in 2014. Peaks in total sales were down from over 750K units to 600K units. DSLR unit numbers slipped back early in year with challenges from Mirrorless but pulled up a little towards the end.

digital camera total value shipped to japan 2014

DSLR's showed a clear lead in total sales early but then dipped before recovering. Compact and Mirrorless kept a steady pace throughout the year but still fell in year on year comparison.

Camera Shipments to Japan by Type in 2015

digital camera units shipped to japan 2015

The steady decline in unit sales has continued especially with the Compact Cameras. Mirrorless had almost caught up with DSLR's in the middle of 2015 but DSLR's have since picked up a little. Will we see growth in the future? That is difficult to predict but signs are that we may be approaching the bottom.

digital camera total value shipped to japan 2015

Global Annual Market Share by Camera Type

japan digital camera market share by type 2012-2015

The annual share of units by type shows the major decline in Compact cameras. Mirrorless made some progress but have since stalled whereas the market for DSLR's is still growing a little each year. Compact cameras still account for 67% of the market by units shipped.

japan digital camera market value by type 2012-2015

DSLR's have enjoyed the largest increase in market value going from 30% to 39% but are now tailing off. Mirrorless have enjoyed a 2% rise year-on-year to now have 23% of the market. Compact cameras are stabilizing after a large retraction in 2012-13.

Global Annual Market Share Trend by Camera Type

digital camera unit shipped trend japan 2013-2015

The trend in units shipped is starting to stabilize but still falling. Compact cameras are down 18% whilst Mirrorless and DSLR's are down about 10%. Still some way to go before we see the bottom.

digital camera total value shipped trend japan 2013-2015

In terms of overall market value this has been more interesting. Mirrorless had seen some increase in overall market during 2014 only to dip in 2015. DSLR sales had slipped from 2014 onwards and although a relatively stable market value in 2015 there was a price to pay. This was due to falling unit value to improve unit turnover.

digital camera unit value shipped trend japan 2013-2015

So here we have steadily rising camera unit values. That is until a major downturn for DSLR values in 2015. Higher value Mirrorless Cameras have been released and are showing up in the results. Only a close look at company results will tell us how much company profits have suffered.

Conclusions for the Digital Camera Market at the end of 2015

This has been a difficult year for the camera manufacturers. Not because it is the worst year but because it is a year when things should have stabilized and started an upturn. That did not happen and now the global economic situation is starting to look fragile. Analysts are already factoring in another 8% fall in total unit sales for Japan in 2016 but that could be optimistic.

Unit Sales Growth

Year All Compact Mirrorless DSLR
2015 -15.3% -17.8% -10.4% -9.6%
2014 -27.1% -28.9% -19.2% -25.3%
2013 -13.4% -23.6% 8.8% 42.3%

Total Value Sales Growth (Yen)

Year All Compact Mirrorless DSLR
2015 -12.1% -10.3% -4.8% -17.4%
2014 -15.7% -25.4% -7.3% -9.0%
2013 -0.0% -19.6% 12.5% 27.7%

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