Digital Camera Market Report - 2013 on - Introduction


Market report for Digital Cameras from Jan 2013 to-date. This report is compiled from data available in the public domain with regard to the production, shipment and sales of Digital Cameras of different types. It looks at the global position as well as different geographical zones and how each has developed since 2013. This report will identify the data for digital still cameras, specific video cameras will be considered separately.


The data that is currently available can be read in table form that contains all the information. The objective here is to present the data in different forms that give clarity to the current state as well as the longer term trends within the Digital Camera market. The intention is to keep this updated and produce a monthly update to identify any market changes.

Cameras have been a major part of global growth in technology. Since they are nearly all electronic digital devices they have come under threat from competing devices such as smart phones. Development of these modern cameras has required the involvement of the largest of the Technology Corporations such as Sony and Panasonic. Competition is fierce and prices are being pushed down in many areas. Who will be left standing in coming years?

Technology is changing the types of camera with the old style DSLR bing replaced by the Mirrorless, or so we are being led to believe. What evidence can be found to verify for this change. Where does the future of still photography lay?

As prices differ across the globe and exchange rate currency wars rage what will this mean for future cost of Digital Cameras. The so called ‘grey market’ has made inroads into more lucrative markets aided by the power of the internet. Small specialist retailers that once prevailed because of their expertise are almost extinct. Who will be the main sales outlets for Digital Cameras in the future?


The first part of this report will outline the Global Shipment of Cameras in total and broken down into both geographical zones and the three main camera types. We will look at the Units shipped Total Value shipped, Average Unit Value and then look at the trends for these on a global scale.

The following articles will break down the geographical zones and the three main camera types to get a better understanding of changes and trends in these basic areas. Some light will be shed on how currency exchange rates have effected the overall value of camera sales.

Later we will introduce specific information on Brand positions and monitor actual sale prices of key products in key areas. This will include keeping track of the so called ‘grey market’ where variations in prices in geographical zones are being exploited against the manufacturer controlled distribution and support system.

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