BCN Awards 2016 - Japanese Digital Camera Sales

Each year BCN award prizes for the leading digital products based on sales in the Japanese market. The awards have just been published and help to confirm the status of the major brands in the digital camera market.

Digital Camera with Integrated Lens (Compact Camera)

The largest part of the integrated lens camera, otherwise known as compact camera, market sales for 2015 went to the other brands. That is to say other than the top 3 specified the other brands accounted for 33.7%. The largest single brand is Canon with 30.5% of overall sales. Nikon came in second with 21% of sales followed by Casio with 14.8% of total sales.

These figures represent a marked improvement for both Canon and Nikon who previously posted 28.7% and 15.3% respectively.

Most popular were the Canon IXY(IXUS,ELPH) and Powershot ranges, Nikon Coolpix and Casio EXILIM ranges.

bcn award compact camera 2016

Digital Camera Interchangeable Lens with Reflex Mirror (DSLR Camera)

There are really only three brands of DSLR's on the market. Again topping the sales list is Canon with 56.2% an increase from 54.7% in 2014. Nikon run in second place again with 36.7% and down from 39.1% the previous year. That is nearly a 4% swing towards Canon. Coming in third was Ricoh-Pentax with a much improved yet still marginal 6.7% up from 4.5% in 2014

Favorite models were the Canon EOS Kiss X7i (Rebel T5i, 700D) Nikon D5500 and Pentax KS-1.

bcn award dslr camera 2016

Digital Camera Interchangeable Lens without Mirror (Mirrorless Camera)

Mirrorless camera sector has been much more competitive with top spot changing hands. Olympus took over Sony's position with 34.5% of unit sales. Sony meanwhile drop back to second with 24.8% sales. Canon claim third place from Panasonic with 13.6% of the market. The other brands do account for 27.1% of sales so there is still business for them.

Sony have slipped from 34.3% whilst Olympus move up from 22.3%. Panasonic had 11.9% of the market in 2014.

Favorite models include Olympus Pen-lite E-PL6, Sony a6000 and Canon EOS M2.

bcn award mirrorless camera 2016


The overall brand winner in Japan is their much loved Canon who feature in the top 3 of all sectors. On the DSLR side of things Nikon have slipped back again from Canon and have made little in-roads into the mirrorless camp. Casio have a major share in the compact market but there is room for others. Olympus have made significant ground in the Mirrorless area where Sony and Panasonic have slipped back. Sony however are producing much more expensive high margin cameras that may be better for them.

On a more cautious note, these figures simply specify the unit sales in Japan. Japan is a major market but other markets may not follow suit. These figures do not indicate the unit values or total market value, nor do they tell us how much the brands had to spend to gain their market share. Who is still making money? Who will be in the still camera market in 5 years time?

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