BCN Digital Camera Ranking for Japan - June 2016

The Digital Camera Market sales figures from Japan have been released for June 2016. BCN publish weekly and monthly sales charts for both interchangeable lens and compact cameras in Japan. These figures come from retail sources about the actual cameras sold not just produced or shipped. They account for over 50% of total sales in Japan and so are regarded as an accurate indicator of what has sold.

These figures give valuable insight as to which brands are leading the camera markets, at least in Japan. No sales figures are provided just the ranking of camera against camera. One snag with these rankings is that it treats the same camera in different kit forms as different cameras. So in the interchangeable lens camera rankings a single camera can have more than one listing. In effect a particular camera body could be the highest selling yet not be in the top spot. So we have to take that into account before listing the winners.

Top Ranking Brands for June 2016 - according to how many ranking places feature in the top 80

Interchangeable Lens Cameras

Brand Top 80 Entries Change
Canon 26 -6
Nikon 20 -1
Sony 7 -2
Olympus 10 +4
Panasonic 6 +1
Pentax 8 +4
FujiFilm 3 0

A stronger showing by Olympus and Pentax whilst Canon slip the most. Sony and Nikon are also down possibly due to camera production issues.

These are the top ranking models. (US, EU)

Brand Model
Canon EOS Kiss X7 (Rebel SL1, 100D)
Canon EOS Kiss X7i (Rebel T5i, 700D)
Nikon D5500
Canon EOS Kiss X8i (Rebel T6i, 750D)
Canon EOS 80D
Olympus Pen Lite E-PL7
Panasonic GF7
Nikon D3300
Canon EOS M3
Nikon 1 J5

Most notable is the drop for the Nikon D3300 that has been in short supply. Nikon 1 J5 takes the place from the Canon EOS M3

Compact Cameras

For the compact cameras again there is a difficulty in highlighting the order because the same camera in different colors gets more than one listing. Also so many models are very similar. So these are the top selling compact cameras overlooking the color and minor differences.

Brand Top 80 Entries Change
Canon 21 +1
Casio 16 -1
Nikon 16 0
Sony 9 -1
Olympus 5 0
Panasonic 4 0
Ricoh 5 +1
FujiFilm 3 -1
Kodak 1 +1

The most notable change is the welcome return of the Kodak brand.

These are the top ranking models. (US, EU)

Brand Model
Canon IXY 180
Canon Powershot SX610
Nikon Coolpix A100
Nikon Coolpix S7000
Ricoh Theta S
Olympus Stylus SH-3
Nikon Coolpix S33
Canon IXY 190

The Ricoh Theta S is the main event here jumping up from 41st to no. 8 in the charts.

Top Ranked by Type

Type Brand Model
DSLR Crop sensor Canon EOS Kiss X7 (Rebel SL1, 100D)
DSLR Full-frame Nikon D750
Mirrorless Olympus Pen Lite E-PL7
Tough Nikon Coolpix S33
Bridge Nikon Coolpix P900
Expert Canon Powershot G7x Mkii

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