Northern Lights Trip aboard Hurtigruten MS Nordlys

All set for a Northern Light Cruise from Bergen to Kirkenes in Nov 2019. A cruise that will take us north up the Norweigian Fjords passing through the Arctic Circle almost to the Russian border. Weather is set for clear and cold so here's hoping the lights are in good form. This is, for a Brit, a real top travel bucket list item.

Nothing quite captures the imagination for a skywatcher as the prospect of seeing the northern lights (Aurora Borealis) in all its glory. Yet to see them, in reality, is quite elusive to most of the population of the world. To see them you have to be very far north and reliant on clear skies and not just a little good fortune.

On setting out on a trip of a lifetime to see them I have chosen the Northern Light cruise offered by the well-renowned shipping fleet of Hertigruten. Hertigruten has been cruising the Fjords of Norway for more than 125 years. Initially as a post and supply ship to the numerous ports that lay along the west coast of Norway. They now have a unique set of modern cruise ships that are setting the standard for eco-cruising.

We will be joining the Hurtigruten MS Nordlys ship at Bergen in Norway after flying in from London Heathrow via Oslo. It has been many decades since I was last in Bergen, a really beautiful place, and I am looking forward to seeing again, but alas will not have much time before setting sail north. This is not about the lovely coast of Norway, yet that would be the reward in itself, this is about the chance to go as far north as practical and see the Northern Lights. Only Russia and Svalbard lay beyond where we are going.

Follow along as we make our way up the Classic Voyage North.

As a keen photographer, I have been carefully selecting the kit I will take. The low-light and wide landscape have been key to my choices. But the chance of seeing wildlife, birds, mammals make the choice difficult on a limited and sensible budget. Did I make the right calls or have I wasted an opportunity, only time will tell.

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