A Walk to Budareyrarfoss – Seydisfjordur – Iceland

While I use the phrase walk, it’s more like a short amble from the quayside to the falls. So an easy option for many on a day stop cruise to Seydisfjordur. The approach is flat but you can climb gently up to the rocky falls.

Budareyrarfoss approach - Seydisfjordur

From a photographic point of view it is well worth having a selection of lenses with you. Here the wider shots are taken with a 24-50mm and 70-200mm on my Canon RP whilst the close up detail was captured on my 800mm f11 on a Canon R8. Whilst not a huge amount of water falls in June, still the lush greenery and purple lupins do make for an attractive image.

I am amazed at the 800mm f11 as I seem to enjoy using it for more static detail than as an action lens. Even though the maximum aperture is f11 these images, in reasonable daylight, were captured at 1/2000th sec at f11 albeit with the auto ISO ramping up to 3200. Not a great problem on the full-frame Canon R8.

Well worth the amble.

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