Iceland Cruise June 2023 – Boarding the Borealis

One of the things we most dread about a holiday is getting on-board, ship or plane, with luggage and temper still in tact. So what was our experience of this cruise?

Having stayed at the Crown Plaza Hotel next to Cruise Liverpool terminal, with its own parking, we needed to get the luggage back in the car and drive to the cruise parking at Liverpool One that is not too far away. Just remember on leaving the Hotel and turning right from St Nicholas Place toward The Stand, keep in the right lane as the entry to the car parking is a right slip road, underground into the car park. Missing it could prove difficult as you would need to find somewhere to turn around and do similar in the opposite direction. 

Once in the car parking area, watch out for cruise parking signs to get to the correct parking zone. There you will be looked after and directed by the staff who will help where needed. They will check in your luggage and check over your car for damage, to ensure the condition you parked it in, then it is simply a very short walk to the queue for a waiting courtesy car.

Large checked in luggage will be taken and processed onto the ship and be deposited outside your cabin in due course throughout the day. Hand luggage will go with you thought the two stage embarkation process. When your turn comes, then back to the quay side at Cruise Liverpool where you will see your ship moored close by.

It was a lovely sunny, warm day in Liverpool, I probably should have packed my coat in the luggage. Queueing in these situations is inevitable so if you need assistance don’t be shy in asking for it as there is a fair bit of standing and queuing and walking down onto the pontoon. Then queuing through passport control before another short walk to the embarkation point. Thankfully, everyone is allotted a time window to arrive and be processed to keep the numbers down. 

I would say the thing to remember is, keep hand luggage along with coats, hats anything you are carrying to a minimum. That means checking out the weather and being prepared. It will make a lot of difference to how you are feeling by the time you get to your cabin.

For those who do need assistance there is a minibus shuttle on and off the pontoon, so be honest about your requirements, so much easier.

Once aboard  there is only one place to head, the cabin to be released of all the carry on paraphernalia, check the beds, see what welcome treats they have provided. Then head for lunch and a recce around the ship, before we set sail.   

We next take a look at Liverpool as we head down the Mersey and out to sea.

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